Hey everyone, My name is Aanchal Bhadauria and I’m a studying in CA Final. I love to write blogs mainly about experiences and my learnings and love to help through my words. Also I love editing through different application and love to experiment with creativity. I love to learn new things and new skills because I always want to add something new to my knowledge because knowledge increases our value.

I trust in dreams and believe that hard work is the most required thing for all of us to complete our dreams. Stay connected with me to experience the life through my words and my eyes.

Let’s start this beautiful journey of positivity with some positive efforts on the way to find life and towards the purpose of our life.

It’s important to READ, LISTEN and LEARN for our life. It’s important to have the right direction and if you don’t have the right direction than continuously try to find that and do efforts for it.

It’s important to take care of our own thoughts about ourselves so that No one can drag us down towards negativity. It’s important to measure our growth time to time because it will help us for what we want to become in our life. It’s important to learn from others and accept our mistakes because sometimes you don’t have right perspective. So take help of the right person to correct yourself.

It’s not only about living a life.It’s about surviving a life even in the most difficult situation with a smile.

-Aanchal Bhadauria

It’s important to work for ourselves and for our improvements.

We are here with lots of opportunities which are present for us or we are capable for creating the new opportunities for ourselves. It’s important either to work perfectly in the current situation or try to make the situation perfect for ourselves.

It’s important to understand things instead of expecting those things from others to do for ourselves.