Discover your calling

In this chapter 1, the author @robinsharma is trying to explain us that we are living with people but we are not connected with people even in this world where technology and so many things are available for our help for making our work easy and for connecting us with our loved ones easily.
But the world is so much busy that we have actually forgotten that why we have created all these things…..
In this chapter, author is saying to ask yourself a question that who will cry when you die?
We all need to ask this question to ourselves because the answer of this question will tell us that how many lives we are touching through our deeds and our nature.
We all need to work on ourselves and also need to help some people with whatever we can help.

“Don’t wait for right time because right time will never comes”

We should start enjoying the process of life today and start giving value to people around us because days are passing continuously and we are still thinking that we have time,, No we don’t have…
We really need to start living life in today and value those who are around us and standing with us every time.
The author says that for doing this we don’t need to leave our jobs or anything, we just need to start enjoying it and start doing things for people who matters to you, Don’t wait for the right time because nothing is stable in this world….may be at the right time the person will not be there or may be you will not ne there to tell them that how much you love them and how much they matter to you.
Find your passion….find your purpose ….and connect it with your job, your planning, your daily routine.
Don’t wait for right time because right time will never comes….it’s about the people who are doing things on time and making it the right otherwise time is always remain same in every situation and it’s passing day by day because of it’s nature.
Don’t wait for others to change, change yourself and inspire them to change…. Tell them that if you can do it then they also can do it…. Give them a example of yourself by changing yourself…
Just keep one thought in your mind that you will live your life like that so that whenever you will die in future, at that time you are not going to regret for anything 🌞