We are living in the Projections of others about us.
We are not actually living the reflection of our thoughts about ourselves.
People determine us that we should behave like him or her and compare us.

They always talk about our weaknesses and give advice to us but they never actually help us in finding what are the reflection of our personality.
And after this kind of behaviour we always start thinking that whatever we are doing is wrong if it’s not according to the rules of society.

What we do is the reflection of our thoughts and what we think is the matter of our choice.– AANCHAL BHADAURIA

We create that kind of attitude in ourselves that situations are always bad and we cannot control or change it But the truth is that sometimes, our efforts can change everything if we really want to do that.

If we are judging ourselves by the circumstances and conditions we have in our life then nothing can be worst than this. Because many situations are worst just because they are waiting for us to take action.

Everyone should understand this if we are living the life according to opinions, perceptions, and paradigms of others then we are not even behaving like a human Because human has this knowledge and ability to act and behave like they actually want to do.

Everyone is different and amazing in their own perception so you don’t need anyone’s approval to decide that what you should do in your life.
We just need some guidance so that we can use that guidance with our ideas to Move ahead in our life in the best possible manner.