If a thing is followed by most of the people then it becomes a trend.

Yes, this is not a new thing . we all know about this.

The above explanation clearly defines that a trend is operated by the people. But the bitter truth is that trends are operating the people.

If something is good according to general ethics then you should follow it definitely but if  a particular thing is followed by such persons, who are not following the ethics then you should not follow that thing just because it’s a trend.

“Do good things and try to make them trend.”

– Aanchal bhadauria

We shouldn’t judge the things on the basis of this fact that if a thing is followed by most of the people then that thing is right .

NO: this is not true always .

There are many people among us who are following so many things just because those things are trends.

According to me this is not right, decide on your own way that what is right or wrong; If it is as per the ethics and if you are comfortable with that then do follow them.

Today’s most annoying tendency is to rebuke.

People are abusing others for showing their anger, their love, their friendship  etc.

but is it right to do such things ?

No, abusing is not good at all, no one can justify that abusing is good because it’s not.

So, I only want to say this that there  are lots of things in this world which are not good but they are trends so stop justifying every thing or every trend.

Don’t think that if you are not following a trend then you are not modern.

You should be modern by your own work and thoughts, not by following some stupid trends

Don’t follow the things just because they are trends,


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